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Comfortable for the long haul, lively on the climbs, and confident on the descents, this versatile endurance road bike will help you cover miles with bliss and ease. Avail features the latest endurance frame geometry and an Advanced-grade composite fork with the OverDrive steerer, for precision steering and to keep you fresh for more miles. The PowerCore bottom bracket transfers power directly from each pedal stroke into the road for superb pedaling efficiency.

49th Anniversary/Customer Appreciation Sale!

Help us celebrate 49 years of serving you wonderful people!! We will have great sales and some awesome events going on Friday and Saturday! So mark your calendars! More details to follow!


Something you may not realize is the fall and winter are a perfect time to bring your bike in for a Tune Up or repair!


Service Menu

Includes all your "Basic" Adjustments • We will make your bike shift and stop better than ever!

tune and adjust front and rear derailieurs • tune and adjust front and rear brakes • true wheels • tighten all parts to proper torque specifications • lubricate all moving parts


Everything the Name Implies • This tune will allow you to ride with confidence and style!

INCLUDES Everything in The Tune Package

plus a thorough cleaning of your bike and drive train


Our most in depth Service Package • Your Ride will ride like new!

INCLUDES Everything in the Pro Tune Package

plus a complete bicycle disassembly & adjustment • front & rear hub rebuilds removing and greasing bottom bracket



Brake Adjustment • front & rear - $25

Adjust Front Derailleur -  $12

Adjust Rear Derailleur - $12



Install Front Tire/Tube - $11

Install Rear Tire/Tube - $13

Install Tire/Tube Off Bike - $8

True Front Wheel - $25

True Rear Wheel - $28

True Wheel w/spoke replacement - $40

Re-tension/Dish Wheel - $40

Build Wheel - $50

Tubeless Conversion Rear - $20

Tubeless Conversion Front - $18

Replace Freewheel/Cassette - $15

Remove Freewheel - $8


Install Brake Pads - $5

Install Brake Cable - $5

Brake Adjustment • front & rear - $25

Bleed Hydraulic Brakes - $45

Disc Brake Rotor Repair - $25

Hydraulic Brake Line Repair/Replace  - $45



Replace Front Derailleur - $30

Replace Rear Derailleur - $30

Derailleur Hanger Repair/Replacement - $25

Replace Chain - $15

Replace Chainrings - $35

Overhaul Derailleur Pulleys - $25

Crank/Bottom Bracket Install - $30

Install Crank Arm - $20

Repack Bottom Bracket - $30


Repack Hubs - $30

Adjust Headset - $18

Overhaul Headset - $35

Replace Headset - $35


Misc. Installation/Labor

Replace Handlebars - $25

Replace Stem - $15

Wrap Handlebar Tape - $15

Replace Seatpost - $8

Install Rear Rack - $15

Install Fenders - $30

Install Seat - $8

Align Dropouts - $65

Replace Fork - $40

What is bike fitting?

The answer to this could and does occupy many web pages, blog posts, books, manuals, workshops and verbal discourse.  Let’s keep it very simple to start with:


Bike Fitting is a process of adjusting a bicycle to best suit a rider.


The end result is a bike fit, and a satisfied cyclist.

Note that it is called a bike fit, not a body fit.  It’s about fitting the bike to the rider, not fitting the rider to the bike.


Fit Kit Systems offer educational workshops and materials teaching a bike fitting process. Instruction in the use of Fit Kit measuring tools and Fit Kit System is included, but this is only a small part of the overall bike fitting process.


Why is bike fitting important?

Many reasons:


To reduce the occurrence or severity of repetitive strain aches and injury

To reduce direct contact point (feet, butt, hands) irritation

Improve bike handling and responsiveness

Increase sustainable power output

Decrease fatigue

To be “at one” with the machine


How important? Opinions vary:


The best “accessory” you can buy for a new bike

More important than the bike itself

Unquantifiable and unnecessary


How important it is for the rider really depends on:


How much they ride

How hard they ride

How their body feels on their bike

What their cycling intentions and expectations are

How much they really care about optimizing their bike-body relationship


Are all bike fits the same?

No.  There is a lot of variation in what a bike fit is, and in some cases a bike sizing is being misrepresented as a bike fit.


A bike fit is a process, and a good definition of the process can be found in:


The Medicine of Cycling Bike Fit Consensus Statement English


• The Medicine of Cycling Bike Fit Consensus Statement Espanol


This document is a highly recommended read.


Many factors affect both the process and outcome of a bike fit, including:


The riding experience, training load and goals of the cyclist

The issues (physical, comfort, performance) being experienced by the cyclist

The skill and experience of the fitter

The time invested in the fitting process

The tools and technologies employed in the fitting process

If the cyclist is a “micro adjuster” (very sensitive) or a macro-absorber (highly tolerant) of a change in bike setup


A bike fit may take place on the cyclist’s own bike, or on an adjustable size (fit) cycle.  If the fitting takes place on a size cycle, the resultant fit co-ordinates still have to be transferred to the cyclists bike.  In either case, the fitting is done in a controlled environment with the cyclist pedaling for a limited amount of time in a stationary situation.


The validation of a bike fit can only take place after a fit is over and when the cyclist is out riding and subjecting themselves to their normal level of riding stress (effort, duration, distance).  It is normally expected that it will take multiple rides for the cyclist’s body to adapt to changes made in the bike set up, and for the full benefit of the bike fitting to be realized.  It is also reasonable to expect that further refinements in the bike set up may be needed in response to the cyclist’s feedback as they accumulate more time in the adjusted position.

Wilson cycle offers bike fits through Bike Fit Kit

call to make an appointment.

Check out our new location!

Cycle Clubs

If you are new to cycling or new to the Central Illinois area, here is a list of great Riding Clubs you may find of interest. Wilson's Cycle is pleased to include links to these local Riding Clubs. We hope this list will be of help to you in your cycling adventures.  Your membership in a Riding Club may entitle you to special discounts at Wilson's Cycle (check your local club for details). You will be required to provide proof of membership at the time of purchase in order for discounts to apply. No retroactive discounts will be given.

Kickapoo State Park


Local Riding



Check out some of our favorite trails in the Central Illinois area.


Just scroll over them for more information about the Parks!

Constitution Trail

Comlara Park


Farmdale Reservoir



State Park



The Wilsons

If you asked Jack Wilson 60 years ago what he wanted to do when he grew up, he without a doubt would have said, "own a bicycle shop". Although not all childhood dreams come true, fortunately Jack's did.  It took a move from Kentucky to Illinois and the Patience and support of his amazing wife Mary for this dream to come to fruition.


Because of his love for bikes, Jack saved $10,000 then road off with a dream in 1969.  He jammed 13 bikes into his 1967 four-door Chevy, hauled them from Champaign and carefully displayed them across the floor of an old Main Street restaurant in Mackinaw that he'd converted into his first bicycle shop.  Just a few weeks later- and just three days before his appointment to buy insurance for his new venture- that dream turned to ashes. An overnight fire wiped out everything leaving Jack and Mary with a costly and emotional decision.


Rebuild or Give up ..


Over 45 years and 4 bicycle shop relocations later Jack is still at it and bigger than ever!


The bicycle shop has transformed from Main Street in the small town of Mackinaw to Main Street in Downtown Bloomington boasting the largest selection of bicycles and accessories in the area with over 8000 sq ft to house it.


His contagious passion for bicycles has trickled down to his son Michael who works side by side with Jack.  With a combined experience of 84 years working on and selling bicycles, Jack and Michael are the go to guys for bicycle sales and service.


 When you visit Wilson Cycle you feel like a part of the family, because it has been owned and operated by the Wilson family since 1969.  Jack and Mary raised 4 kids (Leah, Kevin, Ashley, and Michael) and 5 Grandkids (Shevi, Melinda, Levi, Mattea, and Montana) at Wilson Cycle.  The Wilson's want you to feel right at home and make sure that you have the best possible experience.


Our commitment is first and foremost to customer satisfaction, we aim to fit every customer with the right bike for your lifestyle at the right price within your budget.   We aim to promote and sustain the best cycling community possible whether you are a racer, every day commuter, or a weekend rider.


Come and be part of the Wilson family.



Wilson Cycle is expanding - we need experienced Bike Mechanics, Service Leads, Sales Associates and Sales Leads. If you love bikes and love sharing your passion for riding with others, have experience working in a bicycle retailer and have outstanding customer service skills then Wilson's may be the place for you!


Fill out our form and take your first step in getting hired on as part of our elite team!

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